Our Services

Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Assessment
At The Eye Center of Parkville we believe that a comprehensive eye exam should be just that, comprehensive. During our exam we will examine not only your vision but also the complete ocular health of your eyes. In order to do this properly, it is often necessary to dilate your eyes to exam the entire inside structures.  We are excited to announce the addition of the newest in technological advances in eyecare, the Optos Retinal Imaging System.  To learn more about The Optos Retinal Imaging System click here.

Medical treatments for eye infections and injuries.
It is important to have eye injuries and infections examined and treated promptly. Using our slit lamp microscope we are able to identify infections from inflammation which are treated differently.

Contact Lens and Corneal Assessment
The contact lens industry is constantly changing. We are proud to provide a full range of contact lenses, materials, services, and solutions that keep up with today’s technological advances and improvements. Remember, when you are buying contact lenses, you are not buying just the contacts – you are buying the competency and the experience of the doctor who has prescribed and provided them for you. At The Eye Center of Parkville, we are so sure that you’ll love the look and feel of your contacts or we’ll buy them back! That’s right, with our Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program your satisfaction is promised!

Pediatric Eye Assessments
Children frequently won’t complain about having blurred vision. It is not uncommon for vision problems to go unnoticed for years before it is detected through routine school vision testing. We recommend children have their vision and ocular health evaluated prior to starting kindergarten.

Diabetic Eye Examinations
Diabetes is the leading cause of new blindness for young and middle aged people in our country. Diabetes can lead to bleeding and swelling in the back of the eye resulting in permanent loss of vision. These changes are often subtle at first and patients may not notice until significant bleeding has occurred. With this is mind it is recommended that all diabetic patients be seen for a complete dilated eye examination on a yearly basis.

Glaucoma Screening Examinations
Glaucoma is one of the four leading causes of blindness in our country. Glaucoma is a slow, sneaky eye disease that affects the optic nerve of the eye. Visual loss from glaucoma starts in our peripheral vision and is therefore difficult for patients to detect until significant visual loss has occurred. Most patients will not notice that they have glaucoma until the disease is at its advanced stages. During your comprehensive eye examination we will perform a baseline side vision test, measure your intraocular pressure and evaluate your optic nerve for any early indication of glaucoma.  Our office uses the newest technology in glaucoma detection, the Zeiss OCT to evaluate and measure the optic nerve for potential optic nerve damage.

Exclusive 2-year frame warranty
We believe in selling quality products, products that we would use for ourselves and our family. With this in mind we will stand by our frames with a 2 year temple to temple warranty against defects.

Laser Vision Correction
Laser Vision Correction is one of the greatest advances in eyecare today. If you are a good candidate for laser vision correction, we will select an experienced and trustworthy eye surgeon while arranging for your world-class follow-up right here in our office.